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Preferential policy

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    As a registered enterprise in Ogun Guangdong Free Trade Zone, you’re free to enjoy the following incentives:

          1、Legislative provisions pertaining to taxes,levies,duties and foreign exchange regulations shall not apply within the zone.

          2、Repatriation of foreign capital investment in the zone at any time with capital appreciation of the investment;remittance of profits and dividends earned by foreign investors in the zone.

          3、No import or export license shall be required.

        4、Up to 100%foreign ownership of the business allowable in the zone.

          5、Equipment and raw material including consumables to be used inside the zone is imported into the zone by duty free.

          6、No quota limitation and zero duty for export zone products into European and American markets.

          7、Quota Exemption of Non-Nigerian Personnels.Foreign managers and qualified personnel may be employed by enterprises to operate in the zone,all approved enterprises are exempted from expatriate Quota.

          8、Up to 100% of production may be sold in the customs territory against a valid permit and on payment of appropriate duty.

          9、" One-stop"       service provided inside the zone by the resident federal government agencies,all documents can be done effectively.

          Nigeria is welcome foreign direct investment, to ensure the interest of our investors, except the above zone incentives under the 63.Act of 1992 NEPZA, the investors are still enjoying the investment and trade protection agreements between China and Nigeria,Lome Convention,the Africa incentives,too can be applicable to the free trade zone.