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Warmly celebrate Dongguan Golden Speed Hair Product co., LTD sign a contract with a free trade zone area.
Publish:2014-6-21 17:28:45
    Dongguan Golden Speed Hair Product co., LTD is collected employees research, development, production, trade as one of the internationalization of professional company. Their products are all exported to overseas. Nigeria as an assignable wig consumption country in oversea market, the main wig consumer group in this country is woman from 15 to 40, about 35million. According to minimum consume 8 per person per year,each $2.5. Then Nigeria wig consume ability above 700 million. Many local woman think that the happiest moment for them is the time they in wig.
    Ogun Guangdong Free Trade Zone located around the Lagos with a strong geographical advantage, policy advantage and security advantages. Free trade area in line with” equality, respect, tolerance, and win-win” values, enterprise service wholeheartedly for the zone.

    Dongguan Golden Speed Hair Product co. LTD is taking a fancy of those advantages of free trade zone, through many visit investigates and discussions. Xie Jintang, representative of this company finally sign a contract with free trade zone management committee on June 17.2014. Apply for enter zone enterprise.